Why I Like Raw Crunch® Bars

Blueberry Raw CrunchWhy I like and recommend Raw Crunch® Energy Bars First of all, I think they are delicious. These power bars have the perfect mix of raw, whole food ingredients.

The all organic, nuts & seeds are first properly soaked, before being mixed in so that optimal conditions for the body’s digestion and assimilation are met.

Next, they are dehydrated at low temperatures, not baked, so that the living enzymes are left intact and available for our body’s use. All the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and heart healthy fats are intact as in nature, and fully bio-available.

They are produced fresh to order as needed. No large inventories to stale out the bars, they are fresh and tasty every time I reach for one.

Having a “raw” food bar handy, gives me convenient snacking opportunities, and saves me time at work. I like to keep them in the refrigerator to enhance their “crunchiness”.

They are lightly sweetened with just enough raw honey to hold them together, and do not provoke an insulin response like some other commercial energy bars. The healthy fats in the raw nuts and seeds help to keep your blood sugar from rising too quickly.

almond-milk-just-blended-raw-225x300Along with a little celtic sea salt, they have that desirable sweet, salty combination I love without the adverse side effects. All natural, nothing processed…

When I am really hungry at break time, I will have a glass of fresh almond milk, or a handful of nuts in addition to my Raw Crunch® Bar.

Or, I will have some cut up veggies to munch on. But, the bar is always first on the list.

Fresh made almond milk is best but some of the commercial brands are OK too. Since I have trouble processing dairy milk, I have to supplement with digestive enzymes in order to to digest it, or my sinuses start acting up.

I like to add a bar to my green smoothies, especially if I haven’t taken time to soak my own seeds and nuts ahead of time.

Just unwrap the bar, and pop it into the blender with my other ingredients.

I love the easy digestibility of these bars because of their raw ingredients. The natural enzymes along with the soluble and insoluble fiber, keeps the elimination system regular too. 🙂

kathy-feldman-levequeRaw Crunch® bars came about out of personal necessity.

The owners of the Raw Crunch® brand, Ross and Kathy Leveque (nee Kathy Feldman), being involved in the health and fitness industry themselves, were not happy with any of the commercially made energy bars out there.

So, they created a bar for their own use. After years of tweaking the recipe, they have come up with the present combination of ingredients.

And, it’s a winner… I love these bars.

Try them. You will be pleasantly surprised at how tasty they are. And, of course, you get all of the health benefits that go along with this high quality, premium energy bar. Four varieties to choose from… but they are all great!

Raw Crunch Bar Up Close