Weight Reducing Main Course Salads

chicken-caesar-main-course-saladLosing Weight with main course salads is an age old tactic.

I know that a small salad before a main course definitely takes up room in my stomach and start satiating my hunger early on, especially if you leave a few minutes between the salad and your entree. I love caesar salads, especially with chicken, but of course no croutons (carbs) for me. Unless it is a cheat meal… 🙂

Maybe this is something that you would like to do too. Maybe you already have pre-dinner salads, or an after dinner salad.

veggie-platter-main-courseA salad that is chock full of my favorite fresh fruits or veggies, can also be great as a main course too. Just have more of it. I am rarely hungry after taking advantage of a big veggie salad or platter.

Sometimes I will just have a veggie platter as my dinner, or a late night snack. Fast and easy, nutritious and delicious…

I love the fact that salads are raw and natural food sources, and still have the majority of their enzymes and nutrients intact.

I usually follow this up with a protein of some kind, maybe a steak or chicken breast. Still low carb, energizing, and of course nourishing!