Watermelon Water Failure…

blended-watermelon-in-a-glassI heard of all of the great benefits we get from watermelon so I wanted to try watermelon water today, but it ended up being a dismal failure.

Or, I guess that I should say that I failed….failed to leave some for later!

Here is how it went this morning.

Last night I cut off some watermelon and let it steep all night. This morning when I got up, I was eager to taste it and it was OK, just OK. Not exactly as I had imagined.

I still had a half of the watermelon in the fridge so I pulled it out, cut a bunch off, and threw it into the blender with the melon water I steeped all night.

Bingo! Watermelon blend. Man! Is this stuff ever good.

I guess that some things are just better when they are blended.  🙂

watermelon-blendI drank a glass and then added some more water to the rest to thin down the consistency a bit, and this drink is refreshing!

I sipped on another glass… Well, now I have gone and done it.

There is only a glass left for later, and very little watermelon left, as I have gone and made a pig of myself…

Hah! I guess I’ll go squeeze some lemon juice into another pitcher so that I have lemon water for the rest of the day.

I know better for next time. Next time I will buy two watermelons!