jug-of-cucumber-steeped-waterWater is critical to weight loss. In fact, proper hydration is critical to good health.

When you feel hunger coming on, very often it is water you are lacking, and not foods.

Staying hydrated during the day can keep you from feeling those familiar hunger pangs when you don’t eat often enough.

Water also helps expand the food fibers you consume to keep you fuller longer.

Water can keep you hydrated so that you can properly maintain the functions that body fluids are responsible for in keeping you healthy.

There are different numbers but consistent science states that your body is made up of 60-70 percent of water.

You must have enough water to improve blood circulation, pre-digestion saliva, acids for digestion of foods, lymph system, and regulating of your body temperature.

Raw water-rich vegetables and fruits also count to reaching your daily water quota too. The more raw water-rich fruits and vegetables you have the more water you take into your body.

lemon-waterWater also helps flush your kidneys to function better, your bowels to move, therefore helping prevent constipation, as well as dissolve minerals and other nutrients and make them available for your body to process.

Clean, clear, cold water can bump your metabolism too. Your body has to fire up to bring it up to temperature and in so doing, burns calories.

Make sure that you take in adequate amounts of water daily. Some studies recommend that you consume 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.

Individual needs will vary. I take in between 2-3 liters every day myself.

Of course, distilled, filtered, osmosis, or spring waters are usually best, but if all you have is tap water, that is better than going without.

Brita makes a pretty good filter that you can buy with a pitcher or just attach to the tap.

In fact, some tap waters are equal to some of the best bottled waters around so just make sure that you get enough water for your health needs.

green-tea-waterUsually I will have water steeped in green tea, lemon, or cucumbers. As they have a positive ph factor, they can be very energizing as well as alkalizing to your body.

Fruit or vegetable flavored water helps to keep variety in your eating plan, and there are many different types you can make.

Some of the more common flavored waters include, berries, citrus, and tropical fruits.

Just simply add a handful of whatever fruit or veggie that you like to a jug of water, and let it steep for a couple of hours…

Have a couple of liters of natural flavored water in advance for drinking throughout the day.

I find that the easiest and most convenient way to have flavored waters available is to make them up the evening before, and then let them steep in the fridge all night so they are cold and ready for use the next morning.

Many people just juice fresh vegetables or fruits, and then dilute them down with water. Mmmm good.