Update – Still Alive, Still On The Program

sausage-and-eggs-plateYes. I am still alive.

Yes. I am still very much on my weight loss program.

I have been in and out of town this past week and have not spent much time online. My apologies for my abrupt disappearance last week.

Sometimes at work, I have spurts of calls coming in, so I have to get them all in asap until I get caught up… And, nothing else gets done while I am on service.

I am on track though. I have stayed primarily on my low carb eating program this week, although I have become more lenient lately with my approach due to time restrictions.

I will plan “random” cheat meals in advance as a nice change-up. Usually, I will look forward to whatever off-program meals or snacks as a reward for my primarily eating healthy.

no-bun-hamburgers-and-the-fixingsOr, sometimes when I am eating out, the restaurant may have few program friendly foods on the menu that interest me at the time.

The operative words here are “that interest me”. 🙂

Having said that, usually I will not use up all of my allotment of allowed “cheats”.

Out of 40-42 weekly feeding opportunities (5-6 snacks or meals a day), I may take advantage of two or three off-program foods a week instead of the four or five I allow for myself.

No binging, no two off-program foods at the same meal, and never a full day off program, I will plan a random 10 percent of my meals as cheats.

I am happy with that, I am not after perfection. And…I am not one to beat myself up over not being perfect.

And…I am eating a whole lot better than people on the SAD (Standard American Diet).


I am attempting to catch up on the back log at work so I will see y’all later…just wanted to let you know that I am still alive… 🙂