The Raw Crunch® Bar Smoothie

raw-crunch-bar-3verticalThe Raw Crunch® Smoothie – Get Heart Healthy Fats Into Your Smoothies & Shakes

Raw nuts and seeds are great additions to green smoothies or shakes. If you can’t get the raw ones, baked or roasted are still great as long as they are unsalted and unsweetened.

Just soak the raw nuts or seeds overnight, then rinse them, and add them into your smoothie. (Different nuts and seeds will have different soaking times.)

If you forget the soaking part or just don’t want to bother, you might just want to add a Raw Crunch® Bar instead.

The raw, organic nuts and seeds they use, are properly soaked and rinsed before being mixed together into the bar.

blenderThese Raw Energy Bars are perfectly convenient for adding proteins and fats to your shakes, and super-boosting your energy level at the same time.

Because the Raw Crunch Bar is a “live”, nutrient dense, whole food, your cells will be well fed and nourished, enhancing your energy levels even further. Your life energy will soar.

You can replace just about any nut or seed in any smoothie recipe, with a Raw Crunch® Bar. (Ingredients)

Using the bar is simple and convenient, no soaking nuts and seeds overnight, just add in and blend away. Easy Peasy!

How cool is that? Here is one such recipe that I have almost every day.

Raw Crunch Smoothie Ingredients

raw-crunch-smoothie-ingredients1 Raw Crunch® Bar
1 avocado
1 frozen banana
1 cup of frozen mixed fruit
½ cup of frozen blueberries
½ cup of frozen spinach
1 tbsp of protein supplement
1 tbsp of Greens supplement
½ cup of orange juice

Add water to desired thickness
Blend until smooth.

Makes 3 large glasses…
Sip, chew, and enjoy the goodness. 🙂

Raw Crunch Bar SmoothieThe Raw Crunch® Bar is a high quality, premium energy source.

Try a box.

You will be hooked on how good they taste, and how good they are for you.

Just one more reason why I prefer The Raw Crunch® Bar over any other energy bar…

More reasons to start trying a bar a day… Why I Like The Raw Crunch Bar

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