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Kid Friendly Raw Crunch® Bars

Raw Crunch Bar with Nutella SpreadRaw Crunch® Bar – Transitioning Children To Eat Natural and Healthy Foods

As good as some things taste, it is still a matter of people’s preference. Especially children. They have a habit of liking the same foods their friends like, and sometimes those foods are not so good for them.

Healthy food choice doesn’t even enter the equation for kids. It doesn’t even make their list. So let’s discuss how we can transition them to a more empowering eating plan.

Normally the first thing they grab for are some of those brand name cereals, grains and snack bars that are loaded with sugars, and ingredients you can’t even pronounce… You know, the ones that are heavily advertised to children on Saturday mornings?

When children tend to like something, especially junk foods that all the other kids are eating, it can be difficult to transition them to more healthy eating habits. Children are naturally reluctant to try anything new.