Steak Dinner, low carb meals

porterhouse-steak-beforeNo Need To Starve With Paleo Low Carb Meals…

Who says that you have to starve yourself while losing weight?

Not with low carb meal plans, you don’t. That is why I find this Paleo way of eating so easy to live with.

This is what we are had for our early dinner meal tonight. We picked up two steaks at the butchers earlier. (Porterhouse Steak in the before and after pics.)

Quite simple to do really. Free range, grass fed beef if you can get it.

porterhouse-steak-afterRub with fresh garlic, add some sea salt, and cracked pepper.

We started them on the stove top and finished them in the oven. I like mine medium rare but really they are tender and tasty at any stage of doneness you prefer.

Yummm. Finished them off in short order with a small tomato and lettuce salad on the side. And as always, there will be another Raw Crunch Bar somewhere in there tonight.

I will probably snack on a veggie, pickle and cheese platter later too. 🙂

BTW, here is a great video below by The BBQ Boys and they use a charcoal grill here, but a gas BBQ will create great flavor too. Maybe I will use the grill next time.

On the grill or on the stove top, they are simply delish! You gotta love Paleo eating.

How To Grill Porterhouse Steaks