Berry Sorbet In A Glass

a glass dessert cup of raspberry sherbet

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Berry-licious Dessert Treat

I found this fruity, frozen dessert while I was looking around my regular source websites today.

I subscribe to a lot of daily newsletters, and surf the web continually to search out the best options for my weight loss program.

When you immerse yourself in your program to get down to your desired goal weight, your motivation will be kept high, and I promise you that it will be easier to follow through until you get there and beyond. Anyway, that is what I do…and it is working.

There is a phenomenal variety of food that you can take advantage of in your fat loss journey.

You will not go hungry, you will not get tired of the same old routine. You will wake up to each new day with almost endless choices of delicious, fat burning options.  🙂

Looks absolutely scrumptious doesn’t it? Keeping in mind that one never wants to overeat on desserts, this treat is made with any of your favorite berries or fruits. You can even add in almond or coconut milk for an creamy flavor boost.

Here are three raw, all natural, all nutritious, and super light and energizing fruit sorbets! Check this video out…