Simple Raw Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

strawberriesMaking The Simple Strawberry Into A Scrumptious Raw Chocolate Delight

Awesome delights in season, delicious strawberries are available just about all year around now.

But this recipe would work for any kind of fruits you want to cover. How’s chocolate covered bananas sound? Yummm. It’s is limited only by your imagination . . .


1 cup Raw Cacao Nibs
1 cup Raw Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Raw Honey
Dash of Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt

Gently melt the raw chocolate, coconut oil, or raw honey (separately) in stainless steel mixing bowls over a pot of warm water for this purpose. You do not want boiling water, you just want to raise the temperature to about 100 degrees fahrenheit so you you will not cook the raw ingredients. (about 37+ degrees Celsius)

Then you can mix all of the now gently melted honey, coconut oil, and chocolate into one mixing bowl. Fold them together and add the pinch of salt if necessary. (optional) Get a cookie tray and lay waxed paper over it for the chocolate covered strawberries to rest while chilling.

Simply dip the berries into the mixture, then shake away the excess away as you withdraw it and then set it on wax paper tray. Cool them in the refrigerator for approximately half an hour and then enjoy your home made and healthy raw treat!

Here is another raw chocolate covered strawberry recipe made with cacao powder from Diana Stobo, and topped with raw cashew coating. Check it out too!