Raw Juice Versus Raw Blends

green-smoothie-in-a-glassI love fresh raw juice, but I am careful not to over-drink it. Everything in moderation, right?

If you are not careful even small amounts of raw fruit juices can be sweet enough to stimulate your body’s insulin response. Not good for people desiring weight loss.

I wrote a post previously, Natural Energy Boosters To Help You Get Your Goals, and I had someone question me about the lack of fiber in fresh juices and the possibility of causing an insulin response.

That article was about creating energy boosts to get more done and create more joy in your life. So, here is a follow up post of what I usually do. Raw Juice Versus Raw Blends (Smoothies) along with a video at the bottom.

Fresh raw juices are packed with nutrients that will be instantly available for your body’s needs. No need for your digestive system to break it down from the fiber. That is why they create so much energy for you so quickly.

I almost always dilute fresh juices down at least 50% or more with water, or just drink flavored waters. More on waters here – Flavored Waters For Staying Hydrated

Juicing removes the insoluble fiber, but it does not remove the soluble fiber, and that is still available to you. It is always best if you consume your juices or smoothies immediately because the nutrients will begin to break down soon after you make them. Any way you look at it though, raw juices and blends are superior in usable, bio-available nutrients than processed types.

Most of the time I prefer to have the whole food blended. A tip I learned early on is to eat your fruits and juice your vegetables, and greens.

Blending combines the best of both, and I prefer to have the insoluble fibers intact with my ‘whole’ food. Your blood sugars tend not to shoot up as long as you are active.

Here is an informational video comparing the two ways to increase your fresh raw fruits and vegetables…

There’s No Fiber In Green Juices, Is That Healthy?

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