Raw Jicama Chips, Are you craving a salty snack?

Raw Jicama Chips For A Healthy Snack Choice

Are you craving a salty snack but you are hesitating to reach for starchy, processed potato chips or microwave popcorn? Sure, they are convenient to make, but are they going to be the best choice for you? I mean, that’s what we are trying to do here, make better choices right?

Discipline vs habit, right? And, you have probably heard of kale chips, or spinach chips already, but…

Well, check out this easy to make, healthy ‘jicama’ alternative.

Raw Jicama Chips

Guacamole needs chips and honestly, I have done corn chips. I wanted something new and fresh. And there is was. A giant jicama, sitting in the fridge just staring me down. I grabbed it, peeled it, cut it in half and sliced it very thin with my favorite mandolin…

Here’s how to make these delicious little gems. —  Raw Jicama Chips —Raw Food Rawmazing Raw Food