Raw Crunch® Bars

rawcrunch_cranberryRaw Crunch Bars® – Energy To Go…

Quick And Convenient, High Quality And Nutritionally Dense, these bars will give you the burst of high energy that won’t quit…

No Artificial Nuthin!

*Hand made, uncooked and unprocessed, this bar is a high fiber, enzyme rich, whole food snack with healthy fats for long term energy, and is rich in bio-available nutrients.

With just enough raw honey to keep them together, these bars provide long burning fat for fuel rather than sugars…

Only 13 raw organic ingredients… No grains. All nuts and seeds are pre-soaked and rinsed, to deactivate enzyme inhibitors.

rawcrunchbarsinabowlDehydrated instead of cooked, all of their live nutrients are bio-available.

The body can easily digest and assimilate them to provide high quality energy for whatever you do.

All Raw Crunch® energy bars are Paleo friendly, Gluten-free, Dairy-free & GMO-free.

And… did you know that there is a tree planted with every purchase of a Raw Crunch® Bar? Yupp, there is. Good people over there at Raw Crunch®.

More Info and Recipes Coming Soon!

*All ingredients are raw with the exception of the dark chocolate in the “Chocolate” Variety of Raw Crunch® Bars. This is a great bar to transition children from baked and processed snacks, to a more healthy way of eating.


Try a couple, and see how your energy explodes!