Raw Crunch Bar Founders

3-raw-crunch-barsThe Raw Crunch® Bar Founders – Ross And Kathy Leveque (nee Feldman)

How The Recipe Was Born From A Simple Idea. The Raw Crunch® Bar Recipe was a long time coming.

Health and Fitness industry insiders, Ross & Kathy Leveque were looking for a natural, whole food, energy bar that had simple healthy ingredients that you could pronounce, and could fulfil the nutritional needs of hard working athletes like themselves. (Ross being a certified personal trainer of Muay Thai combat, and Kathy being a National Fitness competitor.)

How hard could it be to find a product that matched their expectations, and exacting standards?

Well, pretty difficult it seems…

The Raw Crunch® Bar was produced out of necessity, and perhaps a little out of desperation too.

There were many convenient, cereal bars on the market with high protein, or simple sugars, and high carbohydrate contents, but it was difficult to find a live, enzyme rich, nutrient dense, whole food product for that physically active, “on the go” person. You have to remember that this was circa 2005…

So, they began the search for the “perfect” ingredients… They started mixing their product in the kitchen of their little one bedroom apartment. Family and friends were their product testers and after much tasting and testing, finally they hit on the winning recipe.

Everyone loved the final raw crunch bar recipe so much that they wanted samples, and then they wanted to have them regularly, so they ordered them in quantity. Ross and Kathy started packaging their Raw Crunch® Bars bars for themselves, friends and family…

Well, the rest is history. Their bars can be found across the United States in many major health food grocers, like Whole Foods, etc. Online giants Amazon and Vitacost, now supply athletes’ orders across the nation.

RawCrunchBar-Creators-KathyandRossExcerpted from The Raw Crunch® Bar website:
“It all began in our little one bedroom apartment. At first it was a snack designed for our own healthy consumption. We were both in the health industry, a national fitness competitor and a trainer of Muay Thai.

We wanted real, live food, something that truly nourished the body, not something designed in a lab. We wanted a list of ingredients we could actually pronounce, because we know if we could not pronounce it, it was just something else for our liver to detoxify.

The Raw Crunch® recipe miraculously came to us one day, but it has taken us years to get just right. Our friends and family wanted a taste, so we started wrapping our bars in Saran wrap with a label on top. They were a huge hit! So we rented a kitchen, perfected the recipe and improved the packaging.

This was 9 years ago, and here we are now, still mixing up the same small batches fresh every day. Every Raw Crunch® bar is hand-made fresh with a personal passion for excellence and quality that only a small cottage manufacturer like us can offer our consumers. Enjoy!” – Ross & Kathy Leveque, Creators of The Raw Crunch® Bar And Founders Of The Raw Crunch® Brand

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