Need A Positive Attitude? Boost Your Energy!

Daily stresses and struggles can tend to bog many of us down. How would you like to accomplish everything you want and feel great?

Here are 10 simple tips to boost your energy every day. Anyone could be more positive by following these tips while overcoming life’s challenges.

– Associate with like-minded people – Find a group of like-minded positive people who share your interests and passion so that you can get support and enhance your growth along with them. There is a massive collective energy at work when positivity is multiplied within the group.

Simple Raw Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

strawberriesMaking The Simple Strawberry Into A Scrumptious Raw Chocolate Delight

Awesome delights in season, delicious strawberries are available just about all year around now.

But this recipe would work for any kind of fruits you want to cover. How’s chocolate covered bananas sound? Yummm. It’s is limited only by your imagination . . .


1 cup Raw Cacao Nibs
1 cup Raw Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Raw Honey
Dash of Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt

Gently melt the raw chocolate, coconut oil, or raw honey (separately) in stainless steel mixing bowls over a pot of warm water for this purpose. You do not want boiling water, you just want to raise the temperature to about 100 degrees fahrenheit so you you will not cook the raw ingredients. (about 37+ degrees Celsius)

Then you can mix all of the now gently melted honey, coconut oil, and chocolate into one mixing bowl. Fold them together and add the pinch of salt if necessary. (optional) Get a cookie tray and lay waxed paper over it for the chocolate covered strawberries to rest while chilling.

Simply dip the berries into the mixture, then shake away the excess away as you withdraw it and then set it on wax paper tray. Cool them in the refrigerator for approximately half an hour and then enjoy your home made and healthy raw treat!

Here is another raw chocolate covered strawberry recipe made with cacao powder from Diana Stobo, and topped with raw cashew coating. Check it out too!



Berry Sorbet In A Glass

a glass dessert cup of raspberry sherbet

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Berry-licious Dessert Treat

I found this fruity, frozen dessert while I was looking around my regular source websites today.

I subscribe to a lot of daily newsletters, and surf the web continually to search out the best options for my weight loss program.

When you immerse yourself in your program to get down to your desired goal weight, your motivation will be kept high, and I promise you that it will be easier to follow through until you get there and beyond. Anyway, that is what I do…and it is working.

There is a phenomenal variety of food that you can take advantage of in your fat loss journey.

You will not go hungry, you will not get tired of the same old routine. You will wake up to each new day with almost endless choices of delicious, fat burning options.  🙂

Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe… Oh So Good.

So Delicious Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe 

Feeling like a cheat dessert that is not really cheating?

Check out this raw pumpkin pie recipe that is so sinfully good for you.

And to make sure that you are not overloading on sugars, do a workout before you take advantage of it. Or…NOT!

Get Rid Of Fat With These Pre-Meal Tricks

cinnamon3 Pre-meal ‘Tricks’ To Control Your Blood Sugar Response and Stay in Fat-Burning Mode You can actually increase weight loss and get rid of fat faster with these tips.

Great article here for those interested in lowering their weight. (Read the article here.)

Grapefruit has similar effects as the article states, when it comes to controlling your blood sugar response to foods.

High Motivation Is Key To Losing Weight

weightloss_fruit_salad-300x200Finding Your Motivation to Lose Weight Is Priority One

To lose weight and get started on an exercise and healthy eating plan will often take a lot of motivation initially.

You have to overcome the inertia. You have to overcome some strong habits that you have building momentum up for some years. That will take effort and focus.

Some people motivate themselves quite easily, they just get fed up and tackle it. Others like myself, . . . not so much. LOL! Let’s discuss some of the things you can use as motivators to get you started and keep you going.