Raw Juice Versus Raw Blends

green-smoothie-in-a-glassI love fresh raw juice, but I am careful not to over-drink it. Everything in moderation, right?

If you are not careful even small amounts of raw fruit juices can be sweet enough to stimulate your body’s insulin response. Not good for people desiring weight loss.

I wrote a post previously, Natural Energy Boosters To Help You Get Your Goals, and I had someone question me about the lack of fiber in fresh juices and the possibility of causing an insulin response.

That article was about creating energy boosts to get more done and create more joy in your life. So, here is a follow up post of what I usually do. Raw Juice Versus Raw Blends (Smoothies) along with a video at the bottom.

Fresh raw juices are packed with nutrients that will be instantly available for your body’s needs. No need for your digestive system to break it down from the fiber. That is why they create so much energy for you so quickly.

Detox And Raw Food Diet Tips

different-varieties-raw-foodsRaw Food Diet : Weight Loss & Energy

If you are beginning a Detox, cleanse, or raw food diet, you may start to see some disturbing symptoms, because your body is not used to the change and reacts in various ways.

…in this this video Mike Perrine discusses what can happen and some of what you can expect during those first 30 days.

This is a short 7:37 minute video about starting a new detox, or weight loss program and how personal results can vary widely.

Weight loss during a detox is common, but wildly fluctuates according to the individual. Some may lose five pounds and some may lose thirty…and there does not seem to be any discernible reason for the difference.

Healthy Raw Pasta Dish Made With Zucchini

…sexy, raw zucchini pasta for detox, weight loss, or just for superior health… 🙂

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Raw Food Menu, A Day’s Food For A Raw Foodist

Ever Wonder What People Eat On A Raw Foods Diet?

First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a pure raw foodist. I eat meats and cooked vegetables too. I am careful to combine my foods properly though to assist my digestion and weight loss efforts.

I do believe that you should have seek a higher percentage of raw foods on your weight loss program menus. I consider myself “high raw” Paleo. And I supplement with digestive enzymes when I consume cooked meals.

Here is a great video of Kris Carr who is a raw foodist. This video shows what an average day’s food intake for her looks like. She really goes into nutrition of certain foods also.

“My most frequently asked question is finally answered. Here’s a peek at my plate, morning, noon and night. ” – Kris Carr

Raw Foods Boost Energy

farmers-marketRaw Food’s Nutritional Value is top of the line when it comes to weight loss, nutrition, and digestibility!

And . . . Green vegetables are nutrient dense, water rich, and naturally low in calories.

You might agree on an intellectual level that eating raw foods is a good idea and will nourish your body better than cooked processed foods.

Many people don’t get enough vegetables or fruits in their day to day eating. Does the thought of abandoning a lifetime of eating habits for the sake of what seems like a good idea seem like more than you can do?

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