One Weight Loss Tip That Will Change Your Life

steak-mushrooms-onions-green-beansLosing Weight The Easy Way? … Or the hard way?

Many of us want to get healthy, and lose some extra poundage that may have crept up on us during the last year or so (in my case the last ten years). Some of us will go cold turkey, and try to restrict or change everything at once.

Some of us will make a gradual change to healthier choices in our meal plans and start exercising more.

There are as many ways to lose weight as there are people trying to lose the weight, and many do succeed in the short term. Are you ready to hear about my one weight loss tip that is wildly successful?

Many people fail to keep their desired weight long term, or for their lifetime. They do not know the secret. 🙂

For some of you, this one weight loss tip could change your life. It is simply this:

chicken-wings-and-green-beansCrowd out bad eating habits, don’t try to eliminate all of the unhealthy foods right off the bat, unless your doctor directs you to.

Unless you are really mentally prepared to go cold turkey with your weight loss program, many more people achieve long term lifestyle change success by gradual transitions.

Crowd out those dis-empowering habits with new, empowering healthy habits. You are not taking anything away, you are adding more options for your life. Not revolutionary, but it works like crazy.

This one weight loss tip alone will help you to exceed your weight loss expectations way beyond what you expect, so you can lose all the weight you want and keep it off for life.

List up to 100 healthy food options (your favorites) so that when you go to the fridge and open the door, you can answer that troublesome question, “What am I going to have to eat?” You will have a whole list of favorite foods that you can enjoy. They go right on your shopping list to keep on hand.

roast-beef-and-vegetablesGo to your nearest foodie blog or your favorite food web site of any kind, and start listing down all of the foods that you enjoy.

Don’t judge them, or yourself. Just write down everything that you enjoy for dinners, or lunches, or breakfasts.

You want to get a list of your favorite foods. If you want some ideas for your list of favorites, check out our Pinterest boards.

Later, organize them so that you will have your most favorite foods listed on top, to your least favorite foods listed on the bottom. Go do it now. 🙂 It will be fun.

pan-frying-assorted-veggies-and-chickenIt is OK not to be able to come up with 100 foods, it is great that you at least have your list started. You can keep working on it as you think of them until you can…

Now, separate your favorite meals down into meats, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, salty snacks, sweet snacks, desserts. Again list them from favorites first, to least favorites lower on your list. This is so you can mix and match them into meals later.

Now separate them according to your weight loss program, allowed, not allowed, enjoy any time, enjoy some time, and cheat meals, etc…

Don’t put this off. This exercise will really pay off big time for you.

Have at least 30 healthy dinner options. This will also give you 30 alternatives for lunch, 30 alternatives for breakfast, 30 choices for snacks. and then your food choices for lunch can alternate with food choices for breakfast and have at least 20 food alternatives for snacks, sweets treats, and desserts.

shrimp-with-cocktail-sauce-thawingNow, I have 100 plus healthy food options that I can choose from at any time, and still stay on my plan. How many people have 100 healthy food options ready, so that they can answer that question, “Well, what am I going to eat now?” See the beauty in just this one weight loss tip? It is usually the reverse of what everybody else does.

You will literally have a list of “goto” foods that will help you to easily and healthfully answer the question, “What am I going to eat now?” Do you know how much joy that will bring into your life?

Being prepared will make a world of difference in what choices you make in those moments of indecision. 

vegetables-meat-cheeses-plattersThis is where many people fall off their program, because they will gravitate to the easiest thing right in front of them, whether it is healthy or not. You are still enjoying your faves, you get to choose from all your favorites listed.

The real secret to building long term, healthy eating habits gradually is not to eliminate foods. It is to crowd out those unhealthy foods with healthier choices. That’s exactly how it works.

So you are not eliminating any foods, you’re not taking anything away at all. You’re simply adding so many of your favorites that are healthy, that you just haven’t got any room left for those unhealthy snacks. So the idea is to crowd them out with your favorites allowed on the program.

berry-delight-dessertIf you still feel like having potato or corn chips as a snack, go ahead, have a handful. Plan your meals and snacks in advance, plan your cheats in advance.

Eat clean around them and you will find that the better percentage of the time you will be substituting good whole foods you like in your meal plans.

And you don’t have to strictly adhere to your schedule or plan, you can move meals around. If you have at least 10 favorite go to’s ready to consume when you hit the fridge, you will usually choose better food.

Do your shopping around your list of favorite choices. Stock up on all of the healthy foods that you like… 🙂

I use The Reset Food Plan for the foundation of my meal planning. It is loosely based on Paleo and/or low carb eating, but there are some differences, and there is quite a bit of “wiggle” room.

More later, got to go eat! All this talking about food has made me hungry!