Help Your Liver Stay Healthy

romaine-lettuce-in-caesar-saladTake care of your liver, and your liver will take care of you.  🙂

Great video on three types of foods that help keep your liver healthy…there are more, but we can start with these.

Green teas, leafy greens and beta carotene containing foods will help your liver do it’s job better.

The liver is so important.

A healthy liver is absolutely essential to a healthy life, so ensure that you take good care of yours.

Adding some green teas, leafy greens such as cabbage, spinach, kale or romaine lettuce, and foods containing beta carotene like carrots, peppers, berries or pears, will assist your liver in carrying out it’s critically duties such as detoxifying your body.

Instead of heavy salad dressings, try to use vinegar based dressings because vinegar is good for you.

More tidbits are explained in this short video…Enjoy!


And, below we have a Google Plus post from Health Care Above All. Nice infographic!