Food Journal 140118

almonds-soakingA little different today… I thought I would take my new found self control of my eating out for a spin, and take liquids only until dinner tonight. Make it a game of sorts. 🙂

So for breakfast, I decided to go with freshly blended almond milk this morning, all morning.

Two liters of filtered water, and two cups of almonds soaked last night.

If you do soak your almonds, and I do recommend this, please remember to change out the soaking water a couple of times.

Do not drink the water that they are soaking in. The reason for soaking nuts and seeds is to get rid of the enzyme inhibitors that are present in nature. Actually, it is nature’s way of preserving the nuts and seeds until conditions are just right for growing…

Blending a liter at a time, so I am getting it fresh. I may even stay with it all day if I don’t get too hungry.

glass-of-almond-milk-freshly-blended-and-strainedI have started soaking some more almonds already, so I can blend up more again later…

And if I get hungry, I just may add a banana, or some protein powder to it. I’ll let you know how it goes later today.

If I stay on almond milk all day until dinner, that would be the plan. But, if I stop and eat something, that will be OK too. I’m leaving myself open to what the day brings.  🙂

EDITED: Well, I am editing this a little later tonight and I succeeded in a liquid only day, raw fresh almond milk all day until dinner time.

No problems with hunger, it kept me topped up pretty well.

Tonight for dinner I made up a lunch meat and raw veggie plate (lettuce, red pepper, tomato, cheese, roast beef, turkey and ham).

Tonight’s dinner pic, and coffee for a treat later… –