Food Journal 140116

lemon-water-just-do-itMade up 2 liters of lemon water for drinking today. Squeezed 2 lemons into a jug filled with filtered water.

I have been asked why I do this instead of just drinking water throughout the day.

By having it in a jug and measured out, I always know how much I have I have left to drink. Two liters is my minimum quantity for a day…

Most days I get much more than that but that is the minimum I set for myself, and I always know where I am at. Keeping hydrated and having water available at all times is just that important.

I also supplement with additional fiber, so I want to get enough water to allow it to work properly.

leftover-pork-chops-breakfastBreakfast consisted of two pork chops left over from last nights dinner. Fast, convenient and very tasty. Coffee of course, to get my motor running…

Brought some grapes and an apple to work with me for break time.

Lunch, I made up a lettuce wrap. Actually it was more like an assorted meats sub sandwich without the bread. I did forget to put tomatoes on though. I noticed half way through the “sandwich” that I hadn’t sliced up the tomato that I had left by the sink after washing it. 🙁

no-bun-assorted-meats-sub-sandwichI make these up exactly the same way I used to have them with bread or buns.

I butter the lettuce first, add mayonaise or mustard and then add the fillings just as I would any sandwich. It is important to have all the flavors represented. Delish!

For dinner tonight I had a roasted turkey leg (thigh and drumstick), with cauliflower mashed with sour cream and butter just like I would have with potatoes in the old days. Some beets and the plate was full. Yummm.

turkey-mashed-cauliflower-with-beets-plateI am going to forego my after dinner coffee and will try to cut them down to probably a couple of times a week. We’ll see how it goes…

Veggies and dip have been prepared if I feel the need to snack. Preparation is a big key to staying on track.

I don’t know how many times I may have made less healthy choices if I had not prepared my “program” snacks in advance. See ya tomorrow…