Food Journal 140112

mixed-nuts-snacksMade up 2 liters of green tea water for today’s hydration. Not really an active day today…and took most of the day off from work. Needed some relaxing, re-energizing “me” time this morning.

Again, not very hungry this morning so I had coffee with cream and stevia to start. Just slowly easing into the morning…

Turned on the TV and started watching a movie, ‘The Last Stand’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Found myself chomping on some mixed nuts while I was engrossed in the movie. So, I guess that was breakfast. 🙂

stewed-tomatoes-and-cheeseFor a light lunch I had a bowl of stewed tomatoes and picked on some ham and swiss cheese.

After I finished, I realized after that the stewed tomatoes probably had sugar listed as an ingredient.

Made a quick trip to Walmart for a few things, as if there are any quick trips to that store at all, and that took up most of the afternoon…

For dinner, I made up some ground beef tacos wrapped in lettuce, with the usual fixings, sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, cheese and guacamole.

Relaxed some more over an after dinner coffee and I am now looking forward to tomorrow…

beef-tacos-with-fixinsDisclaimer: I am not a food photographer. Sorry I have to put you through these bad photos every night. 🙂