Food Journal 140110

raw-vegetable-platter-and-ranch-dressingYesterday’s food journal: Flavored water was a whole cantaloupe blended. I finished it off quite early, it did not make it through morning.

I had forgotten how much I liked this melon! I was reminded when I had it for breakfast the other day…

No official breakfast, I find that the cantaloupe blend was quite filling.

Brought some fruit to work for snacks (plum, nectarine, pear, grapes and a banana) I still pack my mixed nuts with me in case I get hungry.

porterhouse-steak-and-mixed-steamed-veggiesLunch ended up being a large pick-food vegetable plate with tomato, celery, cucumber, and avocado.

Dinner was a plate of steak and mixed steamed veggies. Of course, an after dinner coffee to finish… 🙂

Who can get hungry eating like this?