Food Journal 140109

meat-cheese-and-pickle-plateLogging in for yesterday’s food consumption quickly …not much time for anything else but work.

Drinking plain water for yesterday. I had not prepared any flavored drink for the morning.

Breakfast – I had the other half of the cantaloupe I had the day before, and after I made a coffee with cream only. Morning break was a handful of already shelled pistachios.

Lunch – a quickie ham, cheese and pickle plate. For a snack after lunch, I had some grapes and an apple. Man, that is the ultimate in fast food…

Dinner was an experiment, I had broiled chicken thighs coated in almond flour and almond meal, with a side of broccoli and butter. I’ll have to learn how to follow recipes. 🙂

broiled-chicken-thighs-and-broccoliI was in a hurry, and the chicken didn’t work out so good.

The coating didn’t stick very well and was falling off while cooking and eating.

The taste was good, but next time I’ll find a better recipe with more spices and bakes crispier…