Food Journal 140108

half-a-canteloupeFood log for today:

Only prepared one liter of watermelon water for drinking today, blended not steeped.

I actually blended the watermelon and then added more water to dilute it down.

Plain water for the rest of the day.

I find that watermelon doesn’t hold it’s flavour very long once the oxygen hits it so I don’t prepare it much in advance.

I had half of a cantaloupe before breakfast, and then hard poached eggs, mashed with butter, and no coffee this morning, just my watermelon water.

Lunch consisted of a ham, cheese and tomato plate late in the afternoon so it doubled as both lunch and snack.ham-cheese-tomato-lunch

I was not very hungry for dinner so I just had a plate chicken wings.

The thai chile sauce I had planned to dip them in, was too sweet so I ended up leaving it.

Plain water with my meal, and had a coffee with cream to finish off the night.

chicken-wings-with-thai-chile-sauceI’ll be hitting the sack early to get a head start on tomorrow…