Food Journal 140107

sausage-and-eggs-breakfastJust realized that today marks one month that I have been on this particular weight loss plan.

No wonder that it is starting to feel pretty comfortable…

I’m down just about fifteen pounds from 314 to 299 this morning. I am literally bouncing off the wall to see that ‘299’ come up on the scales.

I haven’t been below the three hundred mark in recent memory. 🙂

Steeped green tea in two liters of water in the refrigerator all night for drinking during the day today. I always have to make sure that I get my quota of H2O…

ham-and-pickle-lettuce-wrapSo for today’s food log, I started off with Breakfast that consisted of grill ’ems sausage, two fried eggs in butter, coffee w/ cream, and a glass of plain water.

Lunch was pretty simple. Made up two ham and pickle lettuce wraps, sipped on some green tea water, and had some mixed nuts to snack on through the afternoon.

For Dinner tonight, I cooked up some side pork, and brussels sprouts in garlic butter, and drank a glass of freshly blended vanilla-almond milk. Delish!

After dinner, I finished the night having a coffee with cream and stevia.

side-pork-and-brussels-sproutsAnd I’m still beaming… Yahoo! It’s working…

I have to say that I really haven’t felt hungry all month. I skipped a couple of meals, and I haven’t executed perfectly, but I have stayed pretty close on the plan.

I think that I probably could have planned a few more cheat meals but I am not missing any particular foods. I have never been much for sweets. Processed salty snacks were more my downfall… Onwards and upwards…or in this case with my weight, onwards and downwards. 🙂