Food Journal 140106

banana-mango-waterEverybody is so psyched! What an awesome group over at +Reset Food Plan Community

For me today, one coffee to start, with cream and stevia when I got up.

Not very hungry this morning so I bypassed the bacon and eggs I had planned to have for breakfast and went with a smoothie choice.

I took the banana-mango water and blended it up with some baby spinach to make a nice rich drink for breakfast.

It is a Monday, and Monday’s are always busy so I poured it into my to-go cup and left the house for work…

tuna-salad-lettuce-wrapsTwo liters of green tea-lemon water were pre-made up for the day.

Usually it lasts until late afternoon, but today I ran through it by lunch time.

Lunch was two tuna salad lettuce wraps and the rest of my water.

Had country style pork ribs, a caesar salad and a coffee with cream for dinner, and a handful of mixed nuts for snacks a little while ago.

country-style-pork-ribs-and-caesar-saladA pretty good low carb day overall…