Food Journal 140103

homemade-beef-and-vegetable-soupToday’s Water was 2 litres of fresh made, chilled cucumber water, which was absolutely refreshing, and from everything I have read, very alkaline to the system so that was a bonus.

Breakfast consisted of a small bowl of homemade beef vegetable soup that was in the freezer from a previous dinner, and I found and thawed overnight. You have got to like a “hot” meal on a frosty morning. Grabbed a coffee to go, and hit the road.

spanish-peanutsI only worked on the road a half day today, so I was able to come home and cook lunch for myself. Lunch was sausage and eggs, and a coffee with cream after. I broiled up some pre-cooked cheddar filled, spicy pork sausage, and fried three eggs in butter.

For breaks today, I switched from mixed nuts to spanish peanuts. Many people don’t like the spanish nuts because of the skins, but I enjoy the taste of them and the extra fiber content. And, it is a nice change. 🙂

cheddar-filled-sausage-and-eggsFor an early dinner, my wife and I went to our favorite, little hole in the wall for beer battered fish and chips. Of course, my dinner consisted of pan fried halibut, coleslaw, and caesar salad.

No batter on the fish, and I left the croutons on the plate. That was different! I love their fish and chips so this was a good test for me tonight. Temptation was a battle, but I won!

I hesitated to take a pic of my meal because there were so many people in such a small place, I was shy about hauling out my camera and flashing a picture. And the plate looked awesome too.

I regret not taking the pic.

after-dinner-coffeeI will certainly shrug off that feeling if it happens in a restaurant again, because the plate looked terrific! And, I don’t have anything to document it with… Bummer.

Anyhooooo, I may or may not have something else, but now that we are home, I am going to enjoy a late after dinner coffee, with cream and stevia, seems more like a dessert that way.

I am saving up my ‘cheat’ points for tomorrow night’s dinner. I’ll let you know how it goes… 🙂