Food Journal 140102

steviaMy two liters of flavored water for the day was lemon with a last minute squeeze of lime, and a tiny touch of stevia.

By the way stevia doesn’t dissolve well in cold water, so I heat the kettle, add the stevia powder into a mug and pour a little hot water over it, then add the hot water-stevia mixture into the refrigerated water. No problem mixing then, works like a charm.

First day back to work after the holiday, and I came out running. For some reason, I wasn’t too hungry this morning, so I just started out the day on coffee w/ cream. I know that I should have had breakfast to get my metabolism fired up, but I just didn’t… Oh well.  🙂

Leftover turkey from New Year’s dinner made up my lunch. I just grabbed some of the cold meat on a plate and munched on that. Too busy to care how it tasted, although I remember it going down pretty good.

fresh-homemade-almond-milkI don’t know if it was because I left lunch go too late or if the turkey actually tasted that good. Finished off with some fresh made almond milk, made from the almonds I soaked overnight. I don’t strain it. I like my almond milk with the almond bits included. Gives me a chance to “chew” my drink.

Mixed nuts for break time washed down with the last of my lemon-lime water, and I finished my jobs.

I remembered thinking to myself that this “Reset eating program” was a piece of cake. Uhhh. Maybe I shouldn’t have made that comparison, but you know what I mean I hope.

I sauteed some peppers, and cut up chicken breast for dinner.

assorted-peppers-and-chickenHad a coffee w/ cream after the meal and am really looking forward to walking tonight.

I have started interval walk/jogging after dinner the last few days to clear my head from the day and burn some extra calories. Works awesome…