Food Journal 131229

jug-of-lemon-waterAnother good day for losing weight…I’m on track and getting deeper into the program with each passing day.

Had made up 2 liters of lemon water in advance for drinking throughout the day. Plus I would probably have raw water-rich vegetables that count in my water quota too.

I find that the easiest and most convenient way to have flavored waters available is to make them up the evening before, and then let them steep in the fridge all night so they are cold and ready for use the next morning.

I started the day with with a glass of water and a coffee with cream, no sugar (sweetened with stevia, a natural food product).

The leftover home made beef and vegetable soup from yesterday seemed to be calling my name so I dug that out of the fridge and heated it up for breakfast. Yummm.

I do think that soups and stews actually taste better the day after being made because their spices and flavorings have more time to develop and thoroughly permeate the meat and veggies. And it is so convenient to just pull them out of the fridge and re-heat them in no time at all.

broiled-whole-chicken-platedTalking about convenience, lunch was a store bought “broiled whole chicken”, and a small tomato-lettuce salad. I did not eat the entire bird (just half). And very few dishes to do.  🙂

The leftover half may find it’s way into my breakfast or lunch plans for tomorrow.

I had a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts for snacks to get me through the afternoon.

Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans etc, are great snacks to take away hunger pangs. You don’t need many to get you through to the next meal.

bbq-pork-back-ribs-and-steamed-veggiesTonight’s dinner consisted of hickory smoked, bbq’d pork back ribs, and mixed steamed veggies (broccoli and cauliflower). Oh, so good.

I never get tired of ribs, there are so many variations you can make…

Might just make up a batch of kale chips for snacks tonight, depends on whether I want something salty for later.