Food Journal 131228

scrambled-eggsBack To My Weight Loss Plan

Well, Christmas celebrations are over and our company visiting with us has gone home.

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and a nice holiday. I know I sure did.

Today is technically the first day back on the plan and I feel pretty good about not only today, but the way I handled Christmas treats and such.

I was a pretty good boy and ate fairly clean, although there were times when I socially accepted some sweets and treats… 🙂

vegetable-and-brie-cheese-platterThis morning I had coffee with cream, no sugar, scrambled eggs with hot sauce to perk them up a bit and I made lemon water for the day.

For lunch I put together a vegetable and brie cheese platter with some ranch dressing to dip.

For dinner, I had a bowl of home made beef and vegetable soup.

I was still full from grazing on the leftover veggies and some nuts all afternoon.

I doubt that I will have a snack tonight, but if I do, I’ll write about it tomorrow.

beef-vegetable-soup-bowlOverall a good day…

Looking forward to a good night’s rest, and whatever tomorrow has in store. Bring it on!