Food Journal 131222

Weight Loss Food Journaleggs-sausage-tomatoes-plate
Fast food brunch…sausage and eggs, less than ten minutes from fridge to mouth. Fifteen minutes, if you include cleaning up the dishes… 🙂

I made up enough green tea-lemon water for the day and had my coffee. Then, I decided that before I hit the road visiting some friends, I would fortify myself with sausage and eggs instead of racing for the nearest drive thru.

Then I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts to munch on and put them in a baggie, and left for my friends’.

Coming up to Christmas time and everyone will have snacks out. I just figure that as long as I decrease my appetite before I get there, then I’ll snack on less of the things that I shouldn’t have. And I can still be sociable…

Snacks today were contained to some mixed nuts, and a bit of cheese and veggies plate. Green tea-lemon water all day.steak-mushrooms-onions-green-beans

Dinner tonight of grilled rib steak, steamed green beans, sauteed mushrooms and onions , and a glass of unsweetened almond milk. Coffee after dinner with cream, no sugar.

I think that I will stick with my plan even though I know in advance that there will be some random foods that are not on the program.