Food Journal 131221

bacon-and-eggsPlan Your Meals In Advance, Christmas Is Coming!

Was out most of the day shopping and bringing in provisions for next week’s feasts…

Today’s breakfast consisted of easy over eggs and bacon.

Lunch was my favorite vegetable fruit platter, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, and celery with a little sea salt.

sausage-and-brussels-sproutsTonight’s dinner was baked Octoberfest pork sausage, and brussel sprouts sauteed in butter.

Drinks today were coffee, green tea and lemon water, and some almond milk made with raw almonds. And, I noticed on the bag that my “raw” almonds have been pasteurized, therefore technically devoid of enzymes. Might as well just purchase the ready made almond milk.

After a while tonight I fully intend to snack on some cheddar cheese and red grapes to finish off the day. 🙂