Food Journal 131214

Weight Loss Food Journal

pastrami-and-swiss-cheese-lettuce-wrapBreakfast – Two hard boiled eggs and coffee and green tea water before breakfast.

Coffee during the morning breaks.

Lunch – Pastrami and swiss cheese lettuce wrap and cabbage salad.

Dinner and Evening Snack – Grazed on pick food, veggies, cheese, and pickle platter, and coffee, no sugar.

vegetables-meat-cheeses-plattersLemon water throughout the day of course

Overall, this week has been quite a success. I haven’t been 100%, but have taken mainly weight loss program meals and drastically reduced carbs, no longer have sugar in my coffee, and dropped 6 pounds from 314 to 308, of which most of it would be water loss.

I have to try to eat more breakfasts instead of just coffee. Onward and upward from here…