Food Journal 131210

pomegranates-and-bananas-bowlWeight Loss Food Journal

HeHe. Skipped breakfast again but this mid morning snack really filled me up anyway.

Bowl of pomegranate seeds, a banana, and some added cream and voila! Instant energy and lasting too… (not shown, two fiber capsule supplements to hold onto some of the sugars)

Many people do not like pomegranate seeds because they have tiny hard pits inside, but for me it just adds extra crunchy texture while I focus on the flavor…

Probably be better if I had a dollop of creme fresh but I’m working with what I have. 🙂

Well, lunch turned out to be some grapes, a pear and a banana today.

grilled-rib-steaksMostly coffee, got me through until this late dinner.

A nice rib steak, and a tomato and lettuce salad (oil and vinegar dressing) finishes off day three. Only one was mine, my wife waited to eat with me tonight. Awesome lady she is…she even grilled the steaks.

No sugar today again … Tomorrow will be a cheat meal at dinner, seems about time.

Hamburgers, I think … maybe I will find a recipe for buns made from nut or seed flour, then it would not be cheating. 🙂