Detox And Raw Food Diet Tips

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Raw Food Diet : Weight Loss & Energy

If you are beginning a Detox, cleanse, or raw food diet, you may start to see some disturbing symptoms, because your body is not used to the change and reacts in various ways.

…in this this video Mike Perrine discusses what can happen and some of what you can expect during those first 30 days.

This is a short 7:37 minute video about starting a new detox, or weight loss program and how personal results can vary widely.

Weight loss during a detox is common, but wildly fluctuates according to the individual. Some may lose five pounds and some may lose thirty…and there does not seem to be any discernible reason for the difference.

Please remember to check with your health care provider though, before you make any changes in your diet.

Check the video out here.



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