Dark Chocolate Is Good For You!

dark-chocolate-barThe Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

I found this article while I was researching tonight.

I thought that it was worthy of sharing. I am certainly going to take advantage of more chocolate myself. 🙂

Now, I am not talking about the usual grocery store chocolate bars here with added sugars and dairy products here.

The most benefit to you will come from dark chocolate made with 80% and above cocoa (or cacao)

Here is a list of bonuses you get along with eating the delicious chocolate itself…

– Reduces cravings and suppresses appetite
– Healthier Heart
– Healthier Skin
– Healthier Teeth
– Sharper focus
– Less anxiety
– more effective workouts

That sounds good enough for me. Everything taken in moderation, of course.

Source Article:  7 (Legitimate!) Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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