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Get Rid Of Fat With These Pre-Meal Tricks

cinnamon3 Pre-meal ‘Tricks’ To Control Your Blood Sugar Response and Stay in Fat-Burning Mode You can actually increase weight loss and get rid of fat faster with these tips.

Great article here for those interested in lowering their weight. (Read the article here.)

Grapefruit has similar effects as the article states, when it comes to controlling your blood sugar response to foods.

Weight Reducing Main Course Salads

chicken-caesar-main-course-saladLosing Weight with main course salads is an age old tactic.

I know that a small salad before a main course definitely takes up room in my stomach and start satiating my hunger early on, especially if you leave a few minutes between the salad and your entree. I love caesar salads, especially with chicken, but of course no croutons (carbs) for me. Unless it is a cheat meal… 🙂

Maybe this is something that you would like to do too. Maybe you already have pre-dinner salads, or an after dinner salad.

Eating Healthy And According To A Preset Eating Plan

icedteaSince I have started eating healthier, I am more often than not following along according to a plan.

I have begun walk/jogging again starting at 1-1 1/2 miles daily and this will increase gradually as my weight drops off.

I have big goals this year and in order to make them happen, I need all the energy I can create by losing weight and exercising regularly.

So I have been reading a lot on healthy food and driving my energy supply up the roof! Here are some tips for healthy eating that I am practicing.

Lose Weight With Burpee-Pullups

pullup-burpeeCircuit Training All In One Exercise, Works All Major Muscle Groups, Helps You Lose Weight

What if I told you that there was one exercise you could do that would work all of your major muscles at once? No weights nor exercise machines needed, just your own body weight.

A lot has been said of combining exercises with no rest in between. Combining Push Ups, Squats, Pull Ups into… The Burpee-Pullup

This just has to be the single best combo body weight resistance exercise I have seen in a long time. Start with what you can do comfortably. No need to push yourself.

Incrementally increase your repetitions as you get stronger, and you will definitely start to lose weight. Take a short break and return for another set when you are rested. (Obviously talk to your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program.)

Veggie Dip Substitute, Raw Spinach Avocado Recipe

Easy Raw Spinach Avocado Dip For Veggies is a Great Substitute For Store Bought High Calorie, Processed Products

This recipe uses nutritional yeast for the ‘cheesy’ like flavour. Yummm.

Good for you, enzymes intact, low calorie, and better than store bought veggie dips by a long shot. This veggie dip substitute is also a energy boosting food…

Simple Weight Loss Steps

set-goal-achieve-goalNeed to drop some poundage? Start small if you have to, but get started. Here are a few simple weight loss steps.

Or, maybe you will be like me last year, and the doctor will tell you to shed some pounds or prepare to take medications every day for the rest of your life, and prepare for your life to be shorter than you expect.

Not good…

Real people are doing it every day. They are making healthier choices every day… It is sometimes not easy but the path is simple. As simple as changing a little bit of your habit every day.