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How To Make Raw Almond Milk Video

almond-milk-before-being-strainedHow To Make Raw Almond Milk

I thought that you might like to know how to prepare a proper nut or seed milk.

Almond milk tastes great and is actually much healthier for you than dairy milk! It’s lower in fat, calories, cholesterol, and it’s higher in vitamin A, vitamin E and iron.

Raw Nut milks also have all their enzymes intact so they are more bio-available, easily digested and assimilated, and as such will give you way more energy.

Also for those with dairy allergies, you can substitute seed and nut milks in your creations. (Obviously, if you have nut allergies, you won’t be able to use these recipes.)

When blending your almond milks, use a one to four ratio, that is one cup pre-soaked almonds added to four cups of filtered or distilled water .