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Why I Like Raw Crunch® Bars

Blueberry Raw CrunchWhy I like and recommend Raw Crunch® Energy Bars

First of all, I think they are delicious. These power bars have the perfect mix of raw, whole food ingredients.

The all organic nuts & seeds are first properly soaked, before being mixed in so that optimal conditions for the body’s digestion and assimilation are met.

Next, they are dehydrated in small batches at low temperatures, not baked, so that the living enzymes are left intact and available for our body’s use. All the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and heart healthy fats are intact as in nature, and fully bio-available.

They are produced fresh to order as needed. No large inventories to stale out the bars, they are fresh and tasty every time I reach for one.

Heart Healthy Fats In The Raw Crunch® Bar

healthy-heart-fatsThere are healthy Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids In The Raw Crunch® Bar

Heart healthy fats help to satisfy your hunger, and therefore tend to reduce your appetite so that you can lower your food consumption and still have “energy to burn”. 🙂

Burning fat for fuel is far healthier than burning carbohydrates, and simple sugars. (See More at: Why I Like The Raw Crunch Bar)

We are geared to burn fats for energy since the beginning of our existence. There is more and more science coming out and proving on this every day.

Live Enzymes And The Raw Crunch Bar

The Raw Crunch BarThe Raw Crunch® Bar – Organic, Uncooked, Unprocessed Ingredients (A Living Food – Including Enzymes and All Their Benefits)

Having it’s enzymes intact, the Raw Crunch® Bar is a live food that your digestive system can easily assimilate, in order to provide nutrition for the health of your cells, and abundant life energy for you.

In our quest for convenience, many people are consuming an inordinate amount of cooked and processed foods. Some cooked food is not a problem, but we seem to be increasing our processed food intake, when we should be increasing our raw foods intake. 

The Raw Crunch® Bar Smoothie

raw-crunch-bar-3verticalThe Raw Crunch® Smoothie – Get Heart Healthy Fats Into Your Smoothies & Shakes

Raw nuts and seeds are great additions to green smoothies or shakes. If you can’t get the raw ones, baked or roasted are still great as long as they are unsalted and unsweetened.

Just soak the raw nuts or seeds overnight, then rinse them, and add them into your smoothie. (Different nuts and seeds will have different soaking times.)

If you forget the soaking part or just don’t want to bother, you might just want to add a Raw Crunch® Bar instead.

The raw, organic nuts and seeds they use, are properly soaked and rinsed before being mixed together into the bar.

Kid Friendly Raw Crunch® Bars

Raw Crunch Bar with Nutella SpreadRaw Crunch® Bar – Transitioning Children To Eat Natural and Healthy Foods

As good as some things taste, it is still a matter of people’s preference. Especially children. They have a habit of liking the same foods their friends like, and sometimes those foods are not so good for them.

Healthy food choice doesn’t even enter the equation for kids. It doesn’t even make their list. So let’s discuss how we can transition them to a more empowering eating plan.

Normally the first thing they grab for are some of those brand name cereals, grains and snack bars that are loaded with sugars, and ingredients you can’t even pronounce… You know, the ones that are heavily advertised to children on Saturday mornings?

When children tend to like something, especially junk foods that all the other kids are eating, it can be difficult to transition them to more healthy eating habits. Children are naturally reluctant to try anything new.

Are You Getting Toxic From Your Food Supply?

health-illness-toxicityOur health is at risk. New science is coming out that this new younger generation will be the first generation that will not outlive us in years of longevity.

With all of our scientific breakthroughs, how could this be? How could we have failed our children?

Our bodies are growing more toxic daily with the overload of un-natural foods we are consuming in our daily routines.

It seems that there are elements in processed foods that are not meant to be ingested. Hah! Who knew?