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Fast Banana Smoothie Recipe

banana-mango-waterToday’s Video Recipe was done with a Blendtec Blender.

If you are in the market for a blender, check them out while you are there. 🙂

Some pretty fancy green smoothies are getting popular these days, and everyone talks about them all the time.

Green smoothies will usually include green vegetables for added nutrition, such as kale, spinach, or collard greens, etc.

The taste or bitterness of the greens is disguised by the fruit which has a stronger flavor throughout.

But…sometimes the simplest smoothies taste the best, and are great for adding variety into your menu planner. Delicious and nutritious, this one doe not disappoint!

Flavored Waters For Staying Hydrated

bag-of-organic-lemonsEveryone recommends staying hydrated throughout the day. But what if plain water is not your forte? I hear people tell me quite often. “I don’t like drinking water.”

Worry not… Try delicious and refreshing natural flavored waters. I make sure that I get my quota of water every day because I prep my water supply and flavor it naturally ahead of time. Drink your favorite flavored waters and you will want to get your quota of water every day.

Either I will steep lemons or green teas overnight for the morning, or I will add fruits or vegetables to water each morning and make up a 2 liter container full. I want to consume it all before the day is out.

Voila! Because I have planned it out and measured it in advance, I have set and achieved my goal of staying hydrated all day long, every day. It is just too important to leave it to chance.

Make Almond Milk From Fresh Raw Almonds

almond-milk-just blended-rawDelicious, Chilled Nut Milks Are The Best!

I just thought that because I drink so much almond milk lately, that I would share a video that demonstrates how to make it from fresh raw almonds.

I make it from ‘raw’ almonds when I can, because they still have their natural enzymes intact.

You start to lose the enzymes when they are subjected to temperatures above 115-118 degrees Farenheit (cooking destroys the live enzymes).

However, please don’t confuse these natural powerful enzymes, with the enzyme inhibitors I talk about when soaking the almonds. And remember to rinse your soaked almonds properly before you blend them, in order to fully get rid of the enzyme inhibitors.

In nature, enzyme inhibitors are there to protect nuts and seeds from starting to grow in conditions that are not conducive to the optimum health for the plant. When the seeds are watered or soaked, the enzyme inhibitors are deactivated, and the seeds and nuts can then germinate and create life.

If you don’t have raw almonds, you can still make this delicious, smooth, creamy drink from regular almonds, easily found at your favorite grocer…

Video – How To Make Fresh, Delicious Almond Milk (Keeps in the fridge for 3-5 days)

If you don’t have the time to make your own, or if you just want to take advantage of the taste and benefits of nut milks, you can pick up a carton of almond milk (or coconut milk) at your grocer.

carton-of-almond-milkYou will be pleasantly surprised how thirst quenching and delicious they are. And of course, good for you…

Processed and pasteurized almond milk has many good qualities going for it, but having been heated during the pasteurization process, the important live enzymes will be lost.

In this case, try supplementing with digestive enzymes. If your diet consists of mainly cooked or processed foods, you will find that your digestion challenges will be greatly reduced. 🙂

Juicing To Supplement Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

delicious-berry-smoothie-in-a-glassThe Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever Discovered

I found this informational video on juicing this morning while I was researching another weight loss subject and wanted to share it with you.

Juicing for weight loss works when you combine it with a whole foods meal plan.

Because fresh, raw juices are so easy to make and delicious to drink, especially ice cold, it makes it simple to get your daily allowances of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro-nutrients. All of which are critical to the success of your weight loss program.

I wouldn’t rely on fresh fruit juices entirely because they also contain concentrated sugars that could spike your blood sugar, and stimulate your body’s insulin response. Fresh raw vegetable juices would be especially good coupled with a main course vegetable salad, and a protein on the side.

I prefer smoothies and blends as they are still whole foods, just in a liquid state. Supplement with fresh juices, and consume more smoothie blends and whole foods for your main nutrition needs. Here is that video I watched earlier.


Watermelon Water Failure…

blended-watermelon-in-a-glassI heard of all of the great benefits we get from watermelon so I wanted to try watermelon water today, but it ended up being a dismal failure.

Or, I guess that I should say that I failed….failed to leave some for later!

Here is how it went this morning.

Last night I cut off some watermelon and let it steep all night. This morning when I got up, I was eager to taste it and it was OK, just OK. Not exactly as I had imagined.

I still had a half of the watermelon in the fridge so I pulled it out, cut a bunch off, and threw it into the blender with the melon water I steeped all night.

Bingo! Watermelon blend. Man! Is this stuff ever good.

I guess that some things are just better when they are blended.  🙂

watermelon-blendI drank a glass and then added some more water to the rest to thin down the consistency a bit, and this drink is refreshing!

I sipped on another glass… Well, now I have gone and done it.

There is only a glass left for later, and very little watermelon left, as I have gone and made a pig of myself…

Hah! I guess I’ll go squeeze some lemon juice into another pitcher so that I have lemon water for the rest of the day.

I know better for next time. Next time I will buy two watermelons!