Raw Food Menu, A Day’s Food For A Raw Foodist

Ever Wonder What People Eat On A Raw Foods Diet?

First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a pure raw foodist. I eat meats and cooked vegetables too. I am careful to combine my foods properly though to assist my digestion and weight loss efforts.

I do believe that you should have seek a higher percentage of raw foods on your weight loss program menus. I consider myself “high raw” Paleo. And I supplement with digestive enzymes when I consume cooked meals.

Here is a great video of Kris Carr who is a raw foodist. This video shows what an average day’s food intake for her looks like. She really goes into nutrition of certain foods also.

“My most frequently asked question is finally answered. Here’s a peek at my plate, morning, noon and night. ” – Kris Carr